How Hixny has Helped Ensure a Quick Response to COVID-19

Our CEO spoke with the Albany Business Review last week about how making COVID-19 data available to providers in real time has been a tremendous help in New York’s ability to respond quickly to COVID-19. Read piece here.


SHIN-NY Support for Public Health Response to COVID-19

The SHIN-NY—comprised of six health information networks, including Hixny—has been supporting healthcare providers and public health departments since the start of the COVID-19 crisis in March. The SHIN-NY recently published a mini report that explains how Hixny and its counterparts are aiding state and local public health departments by reporting and enabling access to medical and demographic information across New York. Read report here.

Press Release

Hixny Broadens Availability of Enhanced Reporting to Support Value-Based Care

We’ve enhanced our reporting capability so that more providers can identify the immediate needs of at-risk patients. Read more to learn how this improves chronic and acute care.

CEO Blog

How Does Healthcare Move Forward from COVID-19?

When COVID-19 arrived, 25 percent of patient appointments immediately shifted online. Read why our CEO thinks telehealth is here to stay—and why it’s a welcomed change.


How Hixny is Helping Healthcare Providers Fight the Coronavirus

Our CEO spoke with WTEN-TV last week about how Hixny is helping keep New York State Department of Health and healthcare providers on the front lines informed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read and watch here.



Consent Guidelines Continue to Expand

Providers who offer services through the VA or an MHS do not have to collect patient consent to access records beginning April 18. Read more.



Hixny Partner Discusses Rural Impact of COVID-19

Ellenville Regional Hospital was recently featured on an NBC Nightly News story about the impact of COVID-19 on rural hospitals. Watch here.


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How HIEs Are Supporting COVID-19 Care

We’ve never worked more closely with DOH and our peers across New York.
Read about the value HIEs are bringing to the fight against COVID-19.



DOH Allows Verbal Consent

The NYS Department of Health has lifted some restrictions to enable telehealth service providers more efficient access to patient records during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the details.



Hixny Resources Help You Care for Patients

If you use our provider portal, hopefully you’ve already found the following resources to be helpful while dealing with COVID-19:

  • Real-time alerts
  • Admissions reports
  • Condition reports

Check out some more details here and reach out to your Hixny Account Manager with any questions.



Business as Usual

Earlier this month, Mark sent an email about how Hixny is prepared to continue working to meet your needs during this unprecedented time. That remains the case as our staff has fully transitioned to remote work. Read Mark’s email.



Stay up to date on the most recent information for healthcare professionals published by each of the organizations leading the local, national and global COVID-19 response.

The annual SHIN-NY survey is live! If you receive an invitation from, please take a few minutes to respond—your input makes it possible for us to continue innovating and improving.