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How’s the View from Your Seat?

Last fall, I let you in on my experience with a hornet’s nest and Hixny from my perspective as a patient. As CEO, I had known that providers and their patients had a different view of the information shared through Hixny. That day, though, I realized that we needed to bring those views into alignment. […]

Health Information Technology Has a Content Problem

A few weeks ago, several Hixny leaders attended the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference. In addition to sharing photos of sunny Florida with those of us shoveling out from a snowstorm, they relayed that a substantial focus of the conference sessions was interoperability. For years, those of us working in health […]

What Are Wearables Doing for Healthcare?

When Apple announced last summer that the latest version of the Watch allows people to take their own electrocardiograms (EKGs) as often as they wanted, I was intrigued. After all, knowing more about your health is usually a step forward. When Apple explained that people could send those EKG readings to their doctors in PDF […]

What’s Ahead for HIEs in the Next 20 Years?

It’s amazing how important dates can sneak up on us. As my team here at Hixny contemplated what we’re working on for the year ahead, we were reminded that 2019 actually marks 20 years since the founding of our organization. Back in 1999, local health insurers and hospitals got together trying to solve a problem: […]

Hixny’s Continued Growth

2019 will mark my eighth year as Hixny’s CEO and I’ve seen a lot of change during that time. When I started, Hixny had fewer than 100 participating organizations. Today, three out of four providers and 100 percent of hospitals in our established region participate. Our 329 participants include providers in Vermont, the Hudson Valley […]

How Hixny’s Expansion Helps You

If you’ve been following the news from Hixny in recent days, then you know we just announced a bold expansion of the territory we cover. We’ve extended our services to individuals and the healthcare community in nine more counties in the lower Hudson Valley and the Southern Tier. This has been a decision a long time […]

Are You Doing Everything You Can for Your Patients?

Not long ago, someone in my family had outpatient surgery at a local orthopedic center. As I sat alongside my family member in the post-op recovery area, I overheard the conversation at the nurses’ station just across the walkway. One comment caught my attention. “We probably just saved that patient’s life,” one nurse said to […]

The Misconceptions We Hear A Lot—And What You Should Know

Between the annual user survey that we conducted recently and the targeted user forums we’ve begun to host over the last few months, we’re learning a lot about how the people who use Hixny the most see the health information exchange (HIE). We’ve received some great feedback—and we continue to hear some misconceptions that persist […]

Encouraging Results From Our Annual User Survey

As we do each year, Hixny surveyed our users earlier this spring to learn how they’re interacting with Hixny, what they’re using the health information exchange (HIE) to accomplish and what they think of us. Some of our hunches were confirmed. For example, we’ve seen an uptick in the number of times users access data […]