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Hixny strives to provide excellent customer service by reviewing and addressing all inquiries in a timely manner.

Routine requests made via phone (e.g., login assistance, password reset) are usually resolved during the call. Inquiries submitted via email, US Mail or our website are generally resolved within one business day.

Advanced requests made via phone will be triaged during the call, or within one business day if submitted via email, US Mail or our website. For any requests not resolved within one business day, an estimated resolution date will be provided. Based upon the anticipated resolution date, you will receive status updates at a minimum of once weekly.

Service disruptions will be classified as Urgent or High priority—based upon the scope of impact—and will be handled as outlined below.

  • A full system outage will be classified as Urgent. A status update and estimated resolution time will be provided within one hour, and every 4 hours thereafter until the issue is resolved.
  • High priority cases will receive a daily update (business days only) if not resolved on the same business day.


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