What is the SHIN-NY?

Hixny is a Health Information Exchange, or HIE for short. HIEs are the fastest and the safest way to share patient health information. It helps reduce repeat testing, lowering costs, and speeds up workflow—all while increasing patient satisfaction and improving quality of care. Visit to find out about all of the Alert options and […]

How Do Clinical Alerts Work?

With Hixny’s real-time Alerts, physicians are able to stay on top of their patients’ care in the event of a clinical encounter—like if a patient visits an emergency department. Thanks to Hixny’s Alerts, doctors, can provide patients with higher-quality care and healthier outcomes. Watch the video below to learn all about Alerts and the value […]

Hixny Alerts Help Hudson Headwaters Med Students Keep Track of Patients

The buzz of a doctor’s pager interrupting lunch is a common sound. Now, area medical students training with physicians from Hudson Headwaters Health Network are taking advantage of modern technology to track their patients, not just their phone calls. In fact, Dr. Colleen Quinn, Clinical Director of the Medical Education Program at Queensbury-based Hudson Headwaters, […]

Five Myths About HIEs Debunked

The use of health information exchanges (HIEs) has made it easier for clinicians to view a patient’s medical records. It has also made it simpler to use that information to provide more efficient and higher-quality medical care. As the information sharing through HIEs has increased, so did myths about how an HIE works and what […]

Breaking the Glass: How an HIE could save your life

Your health records are private, even in the age of electronic records systems. That’s why you’re asked to sign a consent form to share your medical information with your healthcare providers. But what happens when there’s an emergency situation and you’re unable to give consent? Say, for instance, you’ve been in a car accident and are unconscious. […]

Advance Care Planning Takes a Village

Gwen Bondi, Program Manager of Palliative Care at Visiting Nurse Service of Northeastern New York Advance care planning (ACP) could dramatically improve quality of care while lowering healthcare costs. The impact can be even greater if the whole community is involved. CP refers to “an ongoing process of discussing and clarifying the current state of […]

More Health = Less Care

Jacob Reider, CEO of Alliance for Better Health Recently, the former Alliance for Better Health Care changed its name by a single word—to Alliance for Better Health. That simple change speaks volumes about the organization’s mission. “Our goal is more health, less care,” said Alliance CEO Jacob Reider, MD. “It’s not that care is unimportant; […]

What is Value-Based Care?

Value-based care is designed to improve patient health and reduce costs. Its focus is on value of care, not volume of care. The video* below explains what value-based care is, why it matters to patients and the future of their healthcare. *Video credit: NYS Department of Health,