Remember when you had to ask a patient to update his or her medical history at every visit, or you called another doctor to have information faxed over? Those days are almost over. Hixny—with the consent of patients to share their information—puts records from across New York at your fingertips or into your electronic records system.

What Your Peers Are Saying

Don’t take it from us. Your colleagues are experiencing significant enhancements in patient care by integrating Hixny’s secure, real-time data into their workflows. Watch Dr. Pauze’s story.

The availability of secure, real-time patient records at the point of care has been shown to:

  • Speed up emergency department encounters
  • Reduce redundant tests and procedures
  • Avoid unnecessary imaging
  • Provide more comprehensive data to inform diagnosis and treatment
  • Increase care coordination in a variety of settings
  • Reduce costs passed along to insurers and patients

A Community Effort

The information available from Hixny is only as complete as the information contributed to Hixny. That’s why it’s critically important for everyone in our region to participate—including hospitals, physicians and other health professionals, health plans, government agencies, employers and healthcare consumers—to make sure the whole community has real-time, accurate:

  • Allergy, medication and immunization records
  • Clinical documents and transcribed reports
  • Demographics
  • Diagnoses and procedures
  • Discharge summaries and emergency department reports
  • EKGs and other valuable test readings
  • Encounter notes and problem lists
  • Lab results and imaging reports
  • Patient consent verification

Provider participation depends on patients’ consent to share their records. It’s in your power to help healthcare consumers understand how their consent helps improve the care they receive.

The Benefits of Joining Hixny

Most people receive care from multiple providers, coordinated through various organizations. Hixny is the means by which providers and organizations share this data to:

  • Ensure access to the most complete patient information available from our region and throughout the state of New York
  • Coordinate care faster, more efficiently and more effectively
  • Improve quality of care and patient satisfaction
  • Increase office and clinical workflow efficiency
  • Satisfy federal requirements for the meaningful use of electronic health records and for the reporting of quality metrics through these systems

Ask for Patient Consent

Provider participation depends on patients’ consent to share their records. It’s in your power to help healthcare consumers understand how their consent helps improve the care they receive.

When you complete your legal agreement and connection to Hixny, you’ll receive consent forms customized to your practice or organization. During a patient’s first visit, or first visit after you connect to Hixny, provide them with one of the forms or an electronic signature option.

Take a minute to view a sample consent form. In addition to English, we can prepare customized forms in Burmese, French (Canadian) or Spanish.

A quick explanation that their signature allows you to share records with their other providers electronically is usually sufficient to gain consent. In fact, 93 percent of adults who are asked for consent give consent, according to the results of a public opinion poll conducted by the Siena College Research Institute. It takes less than a minute.

Be sure to work with patients to update any information that may be incorrectly entered into their records. You might make this a normal part of your intake workflow, just like the standard medication check you already complete.

Remember that patients can also withdraw their consent for you to share their data through Hixny. You can review this sample non-hospital withdrawal of consent form or this sample hospital withdrawal of consent form.

Paying Attention to the Whole Population

Hixny helps healthcare provider organizations better manage patient populations, also called population health. The goal is to improve the health of a group of people by applying lessons learned from statistics and the analysis of health outcomes. Watch the video to see how it works.

Using Hixny Data

Learn how Hixny data supports patient care and population health in eastern New York.

Partners in Quality Care

Find out which providers, organizations and agencies are contributing and using Hixny data.

System Connections

See whether your electronic health/medical records system is interoperable with Hixny.