Until now, if you wanted to review your health records, you had to call all of your providers and ask for their charts. Now, Hixny makes all of that information available through a secure, real-time, online exchange that connects healthcare providers and consumers throughout our region.

How Does Hixny Improve Your Healthcare?

For one, it makes your care more convenient. With your consent, your provider can pull up all of the information shared by other providers you’ve given your consent. No more listing medications off the top of your head or trying to recall when you had your tonsils removed!

Hixny is one of the most powerful tools your healthcare providers have. Easy access to your records means improved easier, faster second opinions, fewer repeated blood tests and imaging, and faster, safer urgent and emergency care.

It only takes once to see the difference Hixny can make. Watch how Hixny helped John.

Nothing Happens Without You

You control how your doctors access your health information. Every one of your providers who partners with Hixny needs your signature to see or share your data online.

The only exception is in an emergency when you are unable to give or deny consent—a doctor can “break the glass” in that case and access your records through Hixny in order to care for you.

Your information is safe and secure with Hixny. Our systems are protected by the same technology used by leading financial institutions. Your information is still protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

If you don’t give a provider permission to see or share your records through Hixny, he or she can still call or email others (without your permission) to ask for specific information to help in your care, including lab results, X-rays and health data you may consider sensitive.

95% of people in our region allow providers to share their records through Hixny.

How to Give Consent

The first time you visit a healthcare provider, urgent care center or hospital that is a Hixny participant, the office staff will ask you to sign a consent form or electronic pad during registration. The same is true the first time you visit a provider after he or she joins Hixny.

Take a minute to view a sample consent form.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve given consent to a particular doctor or facility, ask the office staff to check.

It takes less than 1 minute to understand Hixny’s terms and sign your consent.

Where Your Data Goes

When you give consent to a provider, he or she can see any records shared by of your other providers participating in Hixny—as long you’ve given those providers your consent to share information, too. This includes private, personal health information that might identify you or your health conditions.

You can also see the same information through Hixny For You or by requesting your records directly from each provider’s office. If you find personal health information that is inaccurate, please contact your provider to ensure that information is corrected.

Also, pay close attention when your provider reviews your health history, prescriptions and other information with you during your appointments. If any of that information is incorrect, work with your provider and their staff to update it, so that it will be corrected for every other provider who views your records through Hixny.

If you have questions about which providers have viewed your records, or you are concerned that an unauthorized person may have used Hixny to view your records, contact us directly.

You always have the right to know who is using your health information.

How to Withdraw Consent

If you have given consent to a provider to share your personal health information through Hixny and you change your mind, ask the provider’s office for a Withdrawal of Consent form.

By signing this form, you end that provider’s ability to share data about you through Hixny or to see information that others share about you through Hixny. You will need to follow the same process with every doctor who has your consent, but whom you want to deny consent in the future.

Remember, though, that when you withdraw consent, you are only denying that doctor permission to use Hixny to view or share your records. All of your providers will still be able to call or email one another without your permission to obtain information to help care for you.

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